More than one reason to love Minivans

Are you tired of feeling like a boring car owner? Want to upgrade to something more practical and versatile? Look no further than the humble minivan. Let's start with the most obvious benefit: space. Minivans are like TARDISes on wheels. They may look small on the outside, but on the inside, they're practically a palace. [...]


Minivans = Lifestyle

The most common thing to think when we speak about Minivans is that they're not cool cars. Minivans are regularly considered a mom/grandpa car, a minibus, or whatever is regarded definitely not on fire, as now Gen Z says. But, what most people know, is that a Minivan is more than a big and not-so-pretty [...]


Verification list for maintenance and car service

Time flies, and sometimes our routine doesn't allow us to be aware of all the things related to our car that we are supposed to realize, or we don't know that you have to be mindful. A person is happy when buying a car, but what happens after their purchase? Of course, you enjoy having [...]


Do I need to take my car to the dealership I purchased it from for service?

No, you don’t have to take it to the dealership (Toyota, Ford, Hyundai).  HOWEVER, IF you bought a brand-new vehicle, usually they come with a free inspection and factory warranty for a certain number of miles and months. Use it if it is free. These warranties don’t cover, usually, things that wear out for regular [...]


Why You Shouldn’t Ever Skip a Routine Oil Change

  You likely know by now that oil changes are important for your car, but have you ever stopped to think about why? At times, it can be tempting for all of us to drive our cars without an oil change, even after the suggested mileage, but it’s important to never skip one. The Minivan [...]


5 Maintenance Tips for Your Car

When getting ready to trade in your current car and purchase a new one, you’ll want to make sure that you’re keeping up on maintenance. This will not only ensure that the car is safe and in good condition for the next owner, but it will also help ensure that you get the best value [...]


Why Choose the Minivan Store?

  When deciding to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, you want a used car dealership you can trust. You need a team of experts who can help get you the best bang for your buck, are reliable, and are experienced and knowledgeable in selling and buying used cars. Our team at The Minivan Store is here [...]


How to Prepare Your Car for Trade In

  Deciding to trade your car in can be an exciting decision. Now, you can finally get rid of the vehicle that may not run or look the way it used to and upgrade it for something shinier, newer, and nicer. However, before you begin the trade-in process, there are a few steps you can [...]


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