Why You Shouldn’t Ever Skip a Routine Oil Change

Posted Friday, Aug 06, 2021

Why you shouldnt skip an oil change


You likely know by now that oil changes are important for your car, but have you ever stopped to think about why? At times, it can be tempting for all of us to drive our cars without an oil change, even after the suggested mileage, but it’s important to never skip one. The Minivan Store is here to explain why oil changes are so important for your car.


Man on the phone, leaning up against the hood of his broken down car.

Thermal Breakdown 

Over time, heat from your car’s engine begins to break down oil in a process known as thermal breakdown. This eventually leads to a loss of oil, and therefore, a lack of lubrication within the metal parts of your engine, posing a serious problem. Lack of lubrication causes added friction between moving parts, leading to premature wear and tear.


 Close-up of a car engine.

Sludge Buildup 

Without regular oil changes, sludge, dirt, and grime can begin to build up in your oil or become gel-like. When this happens, the oil loses its ability to flow through your engine. This makes it difficult for the oil to travel throughout your engine and reach the places it needs to to keep your engine running properly. Over time, a lack of oil in critical areas of your engine may lead to major damage to the engine.


A person at the gas station refueling.

Better Gas Mileage 

Your vehicle’s gas mileage is affected by a number of factors, but one you may not have realized is oil changes. A poorly lubricated engine is unable to perform optimally, which means it has to use more gas. When you regularly keep up with oil changes, your oil won’t consume fuel as quickly, saving you money.


Woman leaning out the window of a car with keys in her hand, smiling.

Increased Lifespan for Your Car 

Regular oil changes are critical to keeping your vehicle in good shape. Buildup from your engine can lead to oil functioning less efficiently, which causes premature wear and tear. If you keep up with regular oil changes, your engine will remain in optimal condition, allowing you to drive your vehicle for longer. 


Rely on The Minivan Store Today 

Whether you need basic maintenance or in-depth repairs, our team at The Minivan Store is here to help you! Our knowledgeable mechanics can help diagnose issues, understand your needs, and provide you with exceptional service to ensure that your vehicle continues running smoothly for years to come. Reach out to us today to learn more about our used car dealership or schedule services today!

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